The TpyoCaln code is a set of laws that all TpyoCaln members live by.

Information Edit

"If you break our code 3 times, you will be demoted one rank. If you are leder, depty, or medcine ct, you will become a worrior or aprentice. If you are a worrior, kt, or aprentice, you will be a edler. If you are a edler, you will become temporarily exiled from TpyoCaln for a week." -Wollowtar on the TpyoCaln code

The Code Edit

The TpyoCaln Code:

1. You shall be loyal to TpyoCaln and BlogClan.

2. You shall not reveal our secrets.

3. You must respect your Leder.

4. You shall not correct ypur typos while on TpyoCaln territory (The camp and any other pages that have been declared TpyoCaln territory). You may, however, correct typos outside of TpyoCaln territory.

Other Rules Edit

Have fun!

Please don’t purposely make typos.

Please ask to be Leder, Depty, or Medcine Ct.

You do NOT have to be your BlogClan rank.

If you break these, you just get warned.